We are a church where people experience the presence of God, live in Christ- centered community, minister to those in need, and are released into their ministry and mission.


We will reach the lost, mature the saved, and train our youth to go into all the world and make disciples. In our words: We are moving students toward Ownership of Faith. We want students to say, “This is MY God, this is MY Faith and this is MY church.”


We approach youth (grades 6-12) as an apprenticeship. These students are at the unique age where they should be doing all the “stuff” they will do as adults, but in an environment that is guiding, teaching, and safe. This allows them to experience the things of God and practice the disciplines of the Christian life, preparing them to succeed. If they can’t do it now, they most likely WON’T do it later.


In order to prepare for success, we have created several programs to provide diversity in their experiences with God. Each provides a unique focus, but all prepare students to “own their faith.” Individuals attending multiple programs will see greater success. We also pride ourselves on being adaptable to all types of individuals. We desire to be open and accepting to all individuals and their unique needs.



TUESDAY NIGHT VINEYARDYOUTH - Tuesday Nights from 6:00-8:00 pm. With a more intentional focus on offering something the world can’t (Jesus). We provide an environment that speaks to their particular needs, deepens their faith, and allows them to invite their peers. The night includes: Games, Snack, Worship, a Message, and a time where students will get a small group type connection with the ability to speak and search openly on topics relevant to their life stage; all so that they will continue to “Own Their Faith!” and move into the college life stage prepared to continue on in Christ.


VINEYARDYOUTH SMALL GROUPS- These small groups are for deeper discipleship and connection.  Split by gender and numbers, we have leaders who intentionally pour into the lives of these students on a weekly or biweekly basis.  The meeting times are dependent on the needs of the groups.  Please contact Dan for more information. Join or lead one of our small groups launching in October.


VINEYARDYOUTH HIS CREW- Our acts of service groups and activities, “demonstrating the love of Jesus in a practical way.”  We have a leadership team that prepares service projects throughout the year with the intent of GOING into our community and sharing the love of Jesus.


VINEYARDYOUTH BAND-  Meeting Tuesdays at 5:15 pm, we are gathering students that have a heart for worship and have a desire to use their gifts to lift up the name of Jesus.


VINEYARDYOUTH EVENTS- Join us for any one of our special events, including Spring Hill, S.O.S, Winter Jam and MORE.  



Contact: Dan Deleeuw, Youth Ministries Coordinator




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